We are Cody and Courtney Glodfelter, pre-field missionaries with a vision to advance the Gospel through partner ministry in South Asia! Courtney and I currently live in Southwest Missouri where we are serving our local church, while also traveling to build our support team and do ministry. Our plan is to fulfill this vision by developing partners, serving the global church, sharing partner ministries through visual media, and working with underprivileged women. 

Courtney and I are passionate about Gospel work being done in unreached areas of the world. One of the incredible opportunities we have is to be on the front end of building deep relationships with national believers who are doing just that. We call this partnership development. We believe that part of our calling is to find the in country “Pauls” who are using their resources and gifts to impact their community with the Gospel. Our aim is to serve those partners by utilizing our skills to tell their story to the North American Church. 

God has uniquely equipped us to serve partners in South Asia through visual media and cosmetology. I have a background in the film industry and believe that media, especially visual media, plays a vital role in missions. My media ministry Letters To The Saints allows the North American Church the opportunity to experience with their own eyes the lives and ministries of our partners around the world. This equips the Church to know how to pray and give more strategically. Courtney has a background in cosmetology and believes that something as simple as a practical trade can bring hope to underprivileged women who need a sustainable income. She seeks to help partners develop those opportunities, which also open the doors for healing through the Gospel. 

The next step for us is building a team of people committed to prayer and willing to give financially to support this vision. William Carey once said, “I will venture to go... but remember that you must hold the ropes.” We know God has burdened others to join this vision as faithful prayers and givers, so Courtney and I are excited to link arms with the team that God will draw together. Would you prayerfully consider joining us as we go to the nations? We will be contacting you in the coming days to see if we can set up a time to share more about what God is doing! 


Letters to the Saints was created as a media division for Live Global's visual communication team. The name has a meaning behind it. "Letters" being our National Partner's stories and the "Saints" being the global Church.

Letters to the Saints || "...To the Ends of the Earth" Video

The plan with Letters to the Saints is to have an archive of documentary like stories of our partners around the world, with the documentaries ranging from 3 minutes long to an hour. Cody strives to make each and every video as cinematic and professional as he can, because he believes that Christian media should be the best it can be. He is currently building a team of likeminded individuals who want to use their filmmaking talents to advance the Kingdom of God.

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” - Acts 1:8