Jacob & Jennifer

Jacob and Jennifer Rose are missionaries serving with Live Global in Honduras. They are passionate about living among and empowering Hondurans, to share the love of Jesus Christ with others.

Jacob has been living in Honduras since 2017. He is originally from Wilmington, North Carolina but left his job at the local aquarium to pursue a call to missions. He lived for three years among an indigenous people group in the region of San Jose de Pane, where he had an agricultural and food ministry, as well as assisted with a local church plant. Jacob moved out of the region shortly before he and Jen got married in March of 2020. He continues to be in contact with the men he discipled there and hopes to partner with one of them in another church planting venture in the near future.

Jacob and Jen currently live in San Buenaventura, Honduras where Jacob has started another agricultural project for the children’s home run by the LAMB Institute, where Jen works. Jen works as a bilingual teacher in a school connected with the children’s home, Joy Christian Academy. Jen has been coming down to Honduras since 2012 working with LAMB, and has lived here permanently since 2019. She enjoys helping with teaching and administrative work at Joy Christian Academy, alongside the rest of the Honduran staff. Before getting married Jen also served as a temporary care giver, and both Jen and Jacob are excited to be pursuing foster care again soon.

Jacob and Jen also have another existing new partnership, to do some church planting work in la Moskitia. La Moskitia is one of the most remote parts of Honduras, a plane ride and boat ride from where they live in central Honduras (there are no roads connecting to this part of the country). Their partners are a trusted friend of Jacob and his friend’s father, who are natives in this region. In the coming year these partners will be doing some preliminary church planting work along the river Patuca where Miskito people and another indigenous group, the Tawahka, live. 

About Live Global - our organization:

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