Matheson & Abigail


Welcome, reader!  

We are the Miller’s, and we’d like to tell you a little about our story. 

Both of us grew up in the church from our earliest memories and came to faith before adulthood but lived our lives in a way that was focused on our ideals and comforts. As we added our first two children to our family, we began to feel an unrest in our hearts and felt that there must be more to life than the cycle we were in.  

Early in 2019, we felt called away from the average American dream into a dream much bigger than ourselves. We learned about people that will be born, live and die without ever having a chance at new life and redemption, and we felt we are meant to be a part of changing that. Since then, we have joined a team of people with the same heart, and together we attended a 6-month cross-cultural training school to begin preparing for our life overseas. We are so excited by how our Father provided for us during that time and grew our faith individually and as a team!          We desire to work with national believers in South Asia by coming alongside them and joining them in their ministries. The exact details regarding the roles we will play and the partnerships we will form are not set in stone, but we know the Lord has given us a heart for the orphan, widow and the trafficked. We are in the process of building a team of committed supporters that will pray for and invest in the vision God has given us! We know that Our Father has led us in every step and we continue to trust that He will provide for the call that He has given to us and will lead us to the ministry He has in mind
Be Blessed and Be A Blessing!