Reg & Rhonda

Who we are

We are Reg and Rhonda Givens and we are Discipleship Coaches for Live Global. We passionately desire to use our gifts and pastoral experience to shepherd and disciple the Live Global team, National Partners, and the North American Church to be strengthened and matured for gospel impact on their families, communities, and nations.

Our Passion

Rhonda and I long to see every global worker called to take the Gospel to the nations accomplish their mission. Unfortunately, many of those called, whether as a family or as an individual, struggle and leave the field too soon. There are many reasons for this, some are financial, and others are due to restrictive governments. However, far too many leave because the individual or the family needed encouragement, soul care, and shepherding to complete their mission. We believe that it is in our relationships with God, our family, our church, the world, and our enemy that these global workers will find victory and power to accomplish their call. In Ephesians, we find there are 5 relationships Paul addresses and calls us to continually be growing:

The first of these relationships is our relationship with God. It is in this relationship all of the other relationships flow, and where our walk with Christ matures.

The next relationship is our relationship with our family. This is where we love and encourage our spouse first and then disciple our children to love God.

Our relationship with our church is where our spiritual gifts are put to use to build up the body for the work of ministry.

The three relationships above, when healthy, flow out to our relationship with the world through community evangelism and foreign missions as we are sent by the local church.

Finally, it is in our relationship with our enemy that we learn and understand his schemes, tactics, and how to spiritually battle our enemy.

We believe that it is in loving, teaching, and leading the people of God through the instruction of scripture in these relationships that we can assist the local church, the Live Global team, and our partners around the globe in growing strong mature champions for Christ who are healthy and able to engage the lost and disciple them to have gospel impact in their families, on their communities, and beyond.

Three ways to support us

Pray - Please pray for the families of global workers, global partners, and the church in North America as we minister and come alongside them to love and care for them.

Give - We believe that Christians are called to give out of obedience and not out of need. We ask that you diligently pray and ask God how and where to utilize your giving.

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Join - Live Global is always looking for families and individuals to join us in partnering with the people of the world where the Lord Jesus is working and moving. If you are interested in partnership missions click on the link here, Live Global, or watch the video below.

We invite you to partner with us as we come alongside churches, missionaries, and global partners to reach the nations for the gospel.

About Live Global - our organization:

Live Global passionately cultivates edifying relationships between the North American Church and ministries across the globe to multiply Gospel impact on their communities and beyond.

We don't start, lead, or own ministries. Rather, we come alongside global brothers and sisters and serve them.
After we have a relationship with our national partners, we connect them to believers in North America to multiply their ministry.