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Ron’s running career started at Northampton High School when it became clear that he was not cut out for football.  He ran the 2 mile relay with a personal best of 2:10.  He also ran for the cross country team during his senior year.  At Penn State, despite a busy academic schedule to complete his electrical engineering degree, he befriended Dr. Lucas who was on the athletic faculty.  Dr. John Lucas had logged 50,000 miles of running and finished seventh in the 10,000 meter Olympic Trials  in 1952.  Dr. Lucas installed the love of long distance running in Ron and motivated him to complete his first 12 miles run up and down Mt. Nittany in 1975 with the time of 84:14. 

Ron completed a four year assignment as a US Army Officer in West Germany and returned to US in 1982 to work for IBM in Burlington Vermont as an electrical engineer.   Up until 1997 he ran only casually, until a close friend and mentor encouraged him to run the Vermont City Marathon in 1998.  With this challenge, Ron lost over 50 pounds and completed his FIRST marathon on May 27, 1998 with a time of 4:05.  That was all Ron needed to be hooked on marathon distance running.

During the next seventeen years, Ron ran about one or two marathons per year in Vermont and Arlington, Virginia.  In 2015, Ron met Jim Lathrope who was completing his fiftieth state in Charlotte, NC, which inspired Ron to set out on the path to complete all fifty state marathons before he turned seventy years old.  Currently he has completed 33 states and is on track to finish his goal in the next two and half years.  In addition, Ron has completed the Boston Marathon twice (2017 and 2021) and has a personal best time of 3:41:28 at the Charlotte Marathon in 2015 that he completed with son Samuel Newhart. Ron is also active in his local church, Faith Baptist Church, in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, his current place of residence.  Ron serves in various capacities in the church ministry, including teaching, mentoring and supporting various evangelistic efforts.  Ron is also a semi-retired Distinguished Engineer for IBM, with fourteen US and two international patents.  He has been married for 39 years, has 3 children and 8 grandchildren.   

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